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Temporary Builders Supply

Arrow Power are local Sydney electricians who can install temporary builders power supply to any site across Sydney. Our Level 2 Electricians are also able to repair your private power lines and repair private poles in some cases. If you have received an electrical defect notice you should give us a call to discuss your options. 

We can supply and install temporary power supply over the whole Sydney metro region. Our electrical services range from the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Western Suburbs and Hills District and we’re proud to have an exemplary customer service record.

temporary builders power supply

What is temporary builders power supply

If you are renovating your home or doing a knockdown rebuild, you will need to get power to the site for the duration of the build or renovation. You will need the services of a Level 2 Electrician who is able to get the power connected temporarily to the building site. A standard Sydney electrician is not qualified to provide temporary site power – you definitely need a Level 2 Electrician.


Your level 2 electrician will come and put in a temporary power pole. This is a private power pole that has been setup and connected to the network to provide power to the building site. Having the temporary site power to your building site makes construction so much easier. It means you don’t need to run noisy generators, and your builders can get on with the job.

private pole
New private power pole installed

Temporary builders power supply cost

The temporary site power cost will depend on a number of different variables such as:
– how far is the building from the street
– is the power pole going to be permanent
– do you have an existing switchboard that can be used or do you need a temporary switchboard
– are the wires going overhead or underground
– do you require excavation

These are just some of the variables that goes into the cost of temporary builders power supply. It is pretty hard to determine the exact cost of the power supply without seeing the site and knowing the exact requirements. However on average temporary builders supply will cost anywhere between $1500 – $2500 plus GST.

To get a temporary builders power supply installed in Sydney, you need to work out what area you fall under for network authority providers to see which Level 2 Electrician is authorised to work on your area in Sydney. A Level 2 Electrician can install temporary builders power supply for you, however you need to make sure they’re authorised to work in your area. You can click over to our electrical faq page where we have a link to each map in Sydney. Or simply give Arrow Power a call as we are authorised to supply and install temporary builders supply to all networks in NSW. 

The Australian Energy Regulator or AER are responsible for the three electricity distributors in NSW.

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Temporary site power installation process

The most important thing to consider when installing temporary site power is the site layout. This takes into account the property boundaries, easements, construction setup with offices and parking areas. All of these factors will come into play with where Arrow Power can setup your temporary power pole. It will also need to have the overhead lines not crossing any other property or driveway.

It is critical that all of these considerations are taken into account before we setup the pole and temporary power box. You certainly don’t want to have to call us back to have the temporary power pole moved again! This can prove costly – so it is best to take everything into account and get your site power setup in the best spot the first time.

So once you have gotten your quote for the temporary power supply, and accepted it, we will come out to site and install the temporary builders supply. This generally involves us excavating the area the pole will be installed, and running either single phase or three phase overhead service lines to the temporary power box. This will be fitted out with as many power points as required, all run safely with safety switches.

A few things to take into consideration with temporary builders power supply:
– when do you need the temporary site power available? It’s best to plan ahead so your construction will run smoothly for your builder or client
– what are all the job sites that the builder needs power to? Best to speak with them first.
– When do you want the permanent site power installed?
– will the meterbox we use on the temporary pole be that one that is installed on the house?
– do you want to just get us to install a private pole and put a temporary board on there until the house is constructed? Can save you money.
– do you want to upgrade to three phase power at the same time? You can definitely save money if you combine the services.

Temporary power overhead or underground?

Temporary builders supply can be installed overhead or underground. The most common way to get temporary site power is through overhead power installation. The existing power infrastructure at your construction site will help to determine which way your installation will run

Overhead temporary site power
This is the most common and generally cost effective way for the power to be brought in from the street. Our Sydney electricians have the expertise, resources, knowledge and experience in order to handle any size or type of level 2 electrical job. We will assist in determining the best way to run and install the electrical infrastructure to your site to meet all of your specific requirements

Underground temporary site power
For temporary site power that needs to be installed underground, the team at Arrow Power are the ones to call. The installation requires our Level 2 electricians to install double insulated XLPE cables that are waterproof inside the trench. They are installed to regulation depth and will make a nice and tidy look for your new home or office.

What happens after you remove the temporary builder supply

After your construction is finished, your Level 2 electrician will come out to your building site, remove the temporary power supply, and connect your service to the network, either via the new private power pole we install, or via a point of attachment on the front of your new building. If you choose to install a private power pole, you can often increase the curb appeal of your home as you can get it placed off to one side and have underground power connecting it to the switchboard in your home.

Arrow Power offer both underground and overhead power services. Overhead services are generally the most common type of service. But more often home and business owners are choosing to get their power installed as an underground service isntead. Underground is a much safer option and gets the power lines our of sight and harms way. It will help to limit power outages, since they are more difficult to fall victim to trees falling, inclement weather and wildlife.

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temporary site power

Arrow Power is a well established electrical contracting company with over 45 years of experience in servicing our wide range of customer base.

Our qualified electricians strive to deliver our customers expectations & we are totally committed to quality workmanship & to attending to customer sites on time, every time.

We guarantee our workmanship on every job, but we have no hesitation to respond to completed work information or enquiries.

Do you service my suburb?

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At Arrow Power, we cover all of Sydney! Our commercial electricians are spread across the Sydney metropolitan – so there is always an accredited service provider conveniently located near your suburb.

We also provide 24/7 urgent response with our Level 2 electricians in an emergency at any time of the day or night, so you will never be without power. 

Our licensed electricians are just a phone call away from coming to your suburb. Our serviced Sydney areas include:


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