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Switchboard Upgrades in Sydney

Arrow Power are local Sydney Level 2 Electricians who are licensed to perform repairs and a switchboard upgrade in Sydney.

Most people don’t actually realise that their switchboard upgrade will often require the services of a Level 2 Electrician. Why not use the expertise of the trusted team at Arrow Power who are also qualified Level 2 Electricians

Our electrical services range from the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Western Suburbs, the Hills District and all over Sydney. We’re proud to have an exemplary customer service record.

What is a switchboard?

Your switchboard is like the brains of your entire home electrical system, and the key to your electrical safety. The power comes into your switchboard either overhead or underground from the street. It then distributes this power throughout all of the areas of your home.


A switchboard is also the place where your electricity provider will come and take your meter reading every three months to measure your energy consumption and give you your electricity bill. The switchboard should have clear access from the street, and if possible located outside your fenced area if you have pets to give you meter reader easy access.


The switchboard is made up of different circuits which are controlled by safety switches, circuit breakers(or MCB’s) or fuses. If your switchboard still has the old style porcelain fuses or circuit breakers, we do recommend a switchboard upgrade as it is definitely a safety concern.

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Who can install or repair a switchboard?

Often times when upgrading your switchboard you may want to consider upgrading to three phase power at the same time to increase your power supply to the house. A three phase power upgrade from the street can only be completed by a Level 2 Electrician.

A switchboard upgrade will periodically become necessary as you make additions to your home, upgrade your appliances, add a pool or air-conditioning, or the wiring is too old or unsafe. The best thing to do is to call a reputable Sydney electrician to give you a complimentary safety audit on your current switchboard and get a quote on an upgrade.

How much is a switchboard upgrade?

There are so many variables that make up a quote for a switchboard upgrade in Sydney.  These factors include:

  • how many circuits required
  • the materials your current switchboard is made out of (e.g. asbestos will need to be carefully treated and removed)
  • if you are also getting a three phase power upgrade at the same time
  • what brand of electrical product is used (you want a brand that is known such as Clipsal or Hager – so you know you’re only getting the best quality)
  • the type of cabling used in the house and whether the wiring needs to be replaced. 
  • does the switchboard need to be relocated?

Different types of switchboards that may need upgrading

1. Asbestos backed switchboard

If the backing of your switchboard is made out of wood or asbestos this can be a serious electrical safety risk. The chances of a fire or short out in the fuse box are significantly greater if the materials are not up to today’s modern standards. Not to mention that an asbestos switchboard is unsafe for your family, pets and others. It is best to get a whole new switchboard if you have an asbestos backing as most electricians are unable to work on these due to insurance.




2. Switchboard run out of room


If there is no more room in your switchboard or fuse box, you can’t add additional circuits or RCD’s. Most often we get a call from people needing more room in their switchboard when they are getting solar installed. As when you install solar you need an additional meter fitted from your energy retailer. 




3. Switchboard needs to be relocated


Often when you are doing home renovations you will need to get your switchboard moved. This can be quite a big task and you are best to get a professional electrician to come and assess the situation as to what is going to work the best and most cost effective to move your switchboard. You may also want to renew your electrical wiring so it is up to code and safe, at the same time as when you relocate the switchboard.


You can learn more about whether you need a switchboard upgrade on our blog.

Get your switchboard inspected

If you’re unsure as to what exactly you need for your switchboard, you can request a quote to get one of our friendly level 2 electricians to inspect your switchboard. In the inspection we will:

Safety tips for your switchboard

It is common sense for you to keep your switchboard in good order and condition. You can do this simply by keeping the door closed to protect it from rainwater and dust getting in. Often insects will try and build a nest in your switchboard, so it is best to get rid of these as quickly as possible and always keep the switchboard door securely closed. 

Additionally, it is also a good idea to activate and test the circuit breakers and safety switches at least at 6 monthly intervals. This will ensure your level of protection is assured in the event a short circuit or other event causes concern for the safety of your house and family.

If you should need any assistance or experience any unexplained “trip” of your safety device, don’t hesitate to contact Arrow Power, our experienced technicians are on call 24/7 and able to take care of your problem day or night.

Does your switchboard look like this?
fuse box upgrade

When was the last time you had your electrical inspected?

Older style switchboards, especially the type with ceramic fuses aren’t particularly safe or conducive to modern day electrical demands and as such need replacing. Ceramic fuses, could be putting you and your family at risk or be an emergency waiting to happen.

Switchboards are an essential part of your home’s electrical system. Fuse box switchboards and ceramic fuses do not comply with today’s standards. Apart from non-compliance issues they can pose a fire risk and a hazard for electrical shock.

Arrow Power’s licensed electricians are trained to immediately recognise your existing electrical protection and regardless of your current switchboard, we can upgrade your switchboard from any style fuse or circuit breaker to the latest style combination safety switch circuit breaker and RCD.

Our technicians can inspect and advise the cost to upgrade your switchboard to maximise your protection at a moment’s notice.

Call us to arrange an inspection if you have:


Why choose Arrow Power?

  • Qualified, licensed and experienced level 2 electricians
  • Specialising & experienced in large projects
  • Complimentary safety audit with every job
  • Emergency response 24/7
  • Upfront honest pricing

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Arrow Power is a well established electrical contracting company with over 45 years of experience in servicing our wide range of customer base.

Our qualified electricians strive to deliver our customers expectations & we are totally committed to quality workmanship & to attending to customer sites on time, every time.

We guarantee our workmanship on every job, but we have no hesitation to respond to completed work information or enquiries.

Do you service my suburb?

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At Arrow Power, we cover all of Sydney! Our commercial electricians are spread across the Sydney metropolitan – so there is always an accredited service provider conveniently located near your suburb.

We also provide 24/7 urgent response with our Level 2 electricians in an emergency at any time of the day or night, so you will never be without power. 

Our licensed electricians are just a phone call away from coming to your suburb. Our serviced Sydney areas include:



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