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Private Electrical Pole Replacement and Installation

Arrow Power Sydney’s most trusted private power pole installation company. Our Level 2 Electricians are also able to repair your private power lines and repair private poles in some cases. If you have received an electrical defect notice you should give us a call to discuss your options. 

We can supply and install a private electrical pole over the whole Sydney metro region. Our electrical services range from the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Western Suburbs and Hills District and we’re proud to have an exemplary customer service record.

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What is a private electrical pole?

Many people aren’t aware of private poles and powerlines until their power goes out! Did you know that in Sydney , property owners are responsible for the electrical assets on their property? So beyond the connection point from the street home owners and property owners are responsible.


Private power poles and other assets located beyond the connection point to the switchboard or meter, allow customers to have readily available electricity located where they want it on their property. Originally they would have been installed at the landowners request and may have been in place for generations.

A private power pole is generally located on your property and is used to support the powerlines coming in with your electrical connection to your home or business. They can also be shared across multiple properties from your nearby neighbours, or be on your property alone.


The standard height of a power pole is 3 – 8 metres. In some circumstances your Level 2 electrician will need to install a taller pole in order to give proper clearance underneath. You definitely need to take into consideration the gradient and what equipment or vehicles need to get access to the property.

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Who can install or repair a private power pole?

To get a private pole installed in Sydney, you need to work out what area you fall under for network authority providers to see which Level 2 Electrician is authorised to work on your area in Sydney. A Level 2 Electrician can install a new power pole for you, however you need to make sure they’re authorised to work in your area. You can click over to our electrical faq page where we have a link to each map in Sydney. Or simply give Arrow Power a call as we are authorised to supply and install power poles to all networks in NSW. 

The Australian Energy Regulator or AER are responsible for the three electricity distributors in NSW.

Different types of private power poles

In Sydney there are three main types of private power poles. 

1. Timber private poles

A good quality timber private electrical pole is never going to be the cheapest option when it comes to the cost of a new private pole installation, however with an expected lifespan of up to 50 years, they are certainly excellent value. They’re made out of a treated hardwood, and come in varying lengths. Wooden power poles also do well in challenging ground conditions – especially near the ocean as the salt water and spray can rust a metal pole quite quickly. So the wooden pole option will give you extra protection from that nasty salt water corrosion. 




An added benefit of using a timber pole is that they are a local renewal timber resource, so you can feel good about making a sustainable choice. The standard timber pole length is 9 metres. So they are definitely larger in size than your average steel pole.




Areas of Sydney where we would recommend you should consider a timber private pole would include all of the Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and around Mosman, Neutral Bay, Middle Harbour, Drummoyne and surrounding Sydney Harbour areas. That salt is an absolute killer!


2. Steel private power poles


A galvanised steel power pole should last at least 15 – 20 years, depending on the weather conditions. The cables from the street can run down the inside of the pole so oftentimes will look a lot more visually pleasing than being run outside the pole. One of the biggest benefits of a steel pole is that they’re termite proof. This can be a big win especially in rural areas as those termites can be super destructive little creatures. 



Another benefit of using a steel pole is that they are not combustible so a lot safer to use in bush-fire prone areas. So the areas of Sydney you’d be best to look at a steel power pole install would be your bushy areas around Ku-ring-gai, the Hawkesbury, the North Shore and the Hills District. Steel poles can also be painted to give a nicer aesthetic to your property and improve the street value of your home or business. 

3. Composite private power poles


The third and final style of private power pole is a composite private pole. It is made of a cement composite and has a significant lifespan. The composite private poles are rust, rot and termite proof and are designed to allow the cables to run inside the pole.


These types of private poles are not very popular however due to the sheer size and look of them. They can be painted to improve the look of them if this is your preferred option. There are some constraints with the size of them as well.

How much does a private pole cost?

You can find out more around the costs of a private pole here.

How much does it cost to fully install a new private pole

So how much is it going to cost?

The cost of private electrical pole repairs or new private pole installation will depend on what exactly is required for your individual job. If you would like a comprehensive quote you can click here for a private pole installation quote

One important thing to remember when replacing or repairing your private pole is that there are a few separate things being priced – the cost of the pole itself, then there is the labour of your electrician, the costs of your Level 2 Electrician, the electrical connection costs and the costs of the new cable and materials to take into account. Many prices you will see online will just literally be the price for the private pole, then it is all the extras on top.

The cost to supply and install a private power pole can vary greatly in Sydney. It depends on a number of factors such as – how much cable will you need? Can you reuse the existing cable? What height does the pole need to be? Does the point of attachment need to be moved? What type of pole you would like installed? Do you want a three phase upgrade at the same time? Or if you would like to improve the street view of your property and get your overheads buried underground when upgrading the new private pole.

A standard install for a galvanised steel pole is generally going to be cheaper than a timber pole. However you also get what you pay for – as the timber pole can oftentimes last a lot longer. You can refer to the Ausgrid website where it will give you a general idea on costings here

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