Point of attachment repair & installation

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What is the point of attachment?

The point of attachment is located where the powerlines come in from the street and attach to your house or business. This can be either via overhead cables or underground cables. Most often if you need to get your point of attachment (POA) moved or relocated it will be due to an electrical safety hazard and can even be because of an electrical defect notice.

There are a number of different brackets that your Level 2 electrician can supply and install for your point of attachment. The two most popular POA brackets are the fascia bracket and the rafter bracket. These will be installed in slightly different spots on your roof. Generally your electrician will consult with you and can recommend what will be safest and have the best results for you – whilst still being aesthetically pleasing. Street value is vary important even when it comes to electrical installations!

point of attachment
Above you can see the point of attachment at the front of the house

All point of attachment services need to be carried out by a Level 2 accredited service provider. At Arrow Power our qualified Sydney electricians are here to assist with any Level 2 electrical projects and are only a phone call away. We’re authorised to work in all areas of Sydney. 

We are strong believers in safety and attention to detail. Especially when it comes to our residential and commercial customers – attention to detail is absolutely paramount. We’ve trained our team to provide the highest level of finish available on all our electrical services. They will give you an honest opinion on the services you require.


When you need your point of attachment relocated, your level 2 ASP will come and perform a disconnect and reconnect. They will try and minimise the downtime of shutting down your power while they relocate the cable and services. We’re very flexible and will try and work in what’s best to suit our customers.

 In some commercial situations our clients may need continuous power so we’re happy to offer additional services through on-site power with our generators up to 20kW. You can chat with our friendly bookings team to organise this so there will be continuous power to your home or work-site. We even offer temporary site power with our temporary builders supply packages.


house point of attachment damaged
This point of attachment is in urgent need of repair

Need to move your point of attachment?

Situations where you may need to move or relocate your point of attachment can include:

Knockdown rebuild

When you are knocking down your old house to build a new dwelling you will need to get a Level 2 Electrician to come and disconnect your power. They will submit a Notification of Service Work (NOSWA) with the relevant electricity authority. They can then set you up with temporary site power for your builder (also known as temporary builders supply) on a temporary site board. 

Once your new house is built they will then provide a new connection and you then request a new electricity meter from your electricity provider of choice and connect your power up. The POA could be run from either underground or overhead cables depending on your budget, your location and how you want it to be setup.

Installing a new roof

If you’re installing a new roof on your home, or having repairs done to your roof, quite often you will need a Level 2 ASP to come and either make the high voltage lines safe for works with tiger tails, or to move the point of attachment whilst install or repairs are done. This can also be true if you require work on your houses fascia.

Getting a new pool

When access to your backyard is needed to install your new pool, you will often need to get your service lines moved. This is to give access to the excavator which will be digging out the backyard. As you can imagine it is very dangerous to be operating big machinery where there are power lines in the way! So your electrician will re-locate the point of attachment whether it is temporarily disconnected to allow works to be done, or permanently relocated.

Point of attachment needs repair
The above point of attachment needs the beam repaired to make it safe

What does it cost to repair or replace the point of attachment?

There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when you’re trying to work out the costs of repairing your point of attachment to your home or business premises. Obviously the components that need to be used will add to the price of repairing the point of attachment. The length of the overhead cables if they need to be replaced, will definitely add to the costings of the job, along with the cost of the bracket as it depends on what type is needed.

If you have a double storey house – you may need more cable than a normal install of about 10m, so this will increase the price for your service. There is also a good possibility that your service connectors will need to be replaced if your home was built before 1983 as they will not be up to today’s electrical standard.

Generally when you need to have your point of attachment re-attached, when it is moved, the cables can be too short to re-attach. So we have priced an example of repairing the point of attachment cost.

Below we have given an estimate of basic pricing for repairing or re-attaching your point of attachment. The easiest way to get an exact price is to call us or request a quote online.


Why choose Arrow Power?

  • Qualified, licensed and experienced electricians
  • Specialising & experienced in large projects
  • Complimentary safety audit with every job
  • Emergency response 24/7
  • Upfront honest pricing

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Arrow Power is a well established electrical contracting company with over 45 years of experience in servicing our wide range of customer base.

Our qualified electricians strive to deliver our customers expectations & we are totally committed to quality workmanship & to attending to customer sites on time, every time.

We guarantee our workmanship on every job, but we have no hesitation to respond to completed work information or enquiries.

Do you service my suburb?

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When you need an electrician anywhere in Sydney, you can call Arrow Power! Our commercial electricians are spread everywhere around Sydney – so there is always an asp somewhere nearby to assist you.

We also provide 24 hour emergency response with our Level 2 electricians in an emergency at all hours, so you will never be without power to your home or business. 

Our licensed electricians are just a phone call away from coming to your suburb. Our serviced Sydney areas include:



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