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Need a Level 2 Electrician in Northern Beaches?

Do you need a level 2 electrician to install your new power supply? Our electricians at Arrow Power are fully certified level 2 electricians with the expertise to handle dangerous overhead and underground power supplies to homes and commercial buildings. With our electricians you can expect nothing short of the highest quality electrical services and superior customer service. If you have any queries about electrical services that require a level 2 certified electrician, give our team a call today.

What is a Level 2 Electrician?

There are a few fundamental differences between a level 2 electricians and other electricians. First of all, electricians that do not have their level 2 certifications are not able to handle powerlines that connect a home or commercial building to an electrical supply. The reason for this is, powerlines used to connect a house or commercial building to an electrical supply carry a higher voltage which carries a much higher risk.

An electrician with level 2 certification is authorised to install, repair and maintain overhead and underground electrical cables that connect the premise to an electrical supply. Handling these powerlines is among the most dangerous jobs in Australia. If an individual ill-equipped to handle these power cables were to attempt the installation the ramifications could be devastating, commonly resulting in death.

Have you ever wondered why birds can sit on powerlines without being electrocuted? It’s because they do not come into contact with the ground. The reason why people get electrocuted when touching a power line is because the flow of electricity travels through their body and into the ground. It should be noted that you don’t need to be in contact with the ground yourself to be electrocuted. People who erect metal ladders that touch a power-line are commonly electrocuted.


Arrow Power Electrical Services offers the following Level 2 (ASP) Electrician services known as ‘Classes’:

  • Class 2A – Service line disconnect and reconnect.
  • Class 2B – Work on underground service conductors.
  • Class 2C – Work on overhead service conductors.
  • Class 2D – Installing metering for meter types 5 to 6 and other Network Operator service equipment.
  • Provide power upgrades.
  • Tiger Tails for power lines.
  • Relocate and upgrade switchboards.
  • Relocate and upgrade service/consumers cables.
  • Connect, upgrade, disconnect and reconnect metering.
  • Installation and connection of private poles.
  • Provide temporary power supply.
  • Conduct necessary live work and testing.

What does a Level 2 ASP do?

There are several jobs that may need you to call a Level 2 Electrician in Northern Beaches. You can find out more information about these services on our FAQ page. These jobs include:

Our Level 2 Services

Private power pole installation

Electrical projects

Switchboard upgrades

Consumer mains upgrades

Point of attachment

Electrical defect notice

Electrical Defect Notice 

overhead power upgrade

Overhead & Underground Power

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Consumer Mains Upgrade

Over time, your wiring system will inevitably begin to deteriorate. When this happens, you will require a mains upgrade to maintain the flow of electricity to your home. In other cases, you could require a mains upgrade if you’re going to need a larger flow of electricity to support your premise. In this case, thicker and more robust wires will need to be installed to replace the old wires. This way, the current of electricity can be supported seamlessly.

Switchboard Upgrades

Installing a switchboard will vary in costs depending on the difficulty of the installation and the risk the electricians have to bear to complete the task at hand. In these circumstances, your electricians will want to be compensated for the risk to compete the task. An example of this is whether or not the backing of your switchboard will contain asbestos or not. When this happens, the electricians will have to take extra care to ensure their safety, ultimately resulting in a higher price for the service.

 Emergency Electricians Northern Beaches

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We also provide 24/7 urgent response with our emergency electricians at any time of the day or night, so you will never be without power. Our trucks are just a phone call away from coming to your suburb. Our serviced Sydney areas include:

Here is a list of all of the suburbs in the Northern Beaches that our Level 2 Electricians service

Sydney’s Northern Beaches is located towards the North of the Sydney Metropolitan area. It stretches south to the entrance of Port Jackson, west to Middle Harbour and north to the entrance of Broken Bay. It is governed on a local level by Northern Beaches council which covers from Palm Beach to Manly.