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Are you searching for a professional level 2 electrician in Hornsby? Arrow Power are at your service. Our dedicated team of electricians work to ensure that the community of Hornsby have access to the electrical services they deserve. For the highest quality electrical services and the friendliest customer service, give our team at Arrow Power a call on 02 96561858 today to discuss your available options.

What is a Level 2 Electrician?

Are you wondering what differentiates a level 2 electrician from other electricians? Level 2 electricians are highly qualified electrical servicemen who are able to deal with electrical jobs that pose a greater threat with a higher level voltage; such as connecting your home or business to street power lines. The reason level 2 electricians need a higher level of qualification is because handling higher levels of voltage can be fatal without sufficient training.

Level 2 electricians are fully certified and authorised to carry out installations, repair and maintenance of overhead and underground currents that link a business or home to an electrical supply. Handling powerlines is among the most dangerous trades in Australia, so having the right training and certifications to ensure that electricians connecting homes and businesses to electrical supplies is vital.

Powerlines are dangerous because touching a powerlines will result in a high voltage of electricity passing through you and into the ground. It should be notes that you need not be in contact with the ground yourself for electricity to travel through you. A common cause of death is accidentally touching the top of an erected metal ladder to a powerlines the individual is holding onto. When this voltage of electricity travels through an individual, the consequences are catastrophic, commonly causing death.

Arrow Power Electrical Services offers the following Level 2 (ASP) Electrician services:

  • Class 2A – Service line disconnect and reconnect.
  • Class 2B – Work on underground service conductors.
  • Class 2C – Work on overhead service conductors.
  • Class 2D – Installing metering for meter types 5 to 6 and other Network Operator service equipment.
  • Provide power upgrades.
  • Tiger Tails for power lines.
  • Relocate and upgrade switchboards.
  • Relocate and upgrade service/consumers cables.
  • Connect, upgrade, disconnect and reconnect metering.
  • Installation and connection of private poles.
  • Provide temporary power supply.
  • Conduct necessary live work and testing.

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What does a Level 2 ASP do?

There are several jobs that may need you to call a Level 2 Electrician in Hornsby. You can find out more information about these by clicking on each of the links. These jobs include:

Our Level 2 Services in Hornsby

Private power pole installation

Electrical projects

Switchboard upgrades

Consumer mains upgrades

Point of attachment

Electrical defect notice

Electrical Defect Notice 

overhead power upgrade

Overhead & Underground Power

Mains Upgrades

As a wiring system deteriorates over time, you will eventually require a consumer mains upgrade. In other cases, you may require an upgrade to your mains if you’ve got an increase in load consumption which. In this case, you will require a thicker cable to carry the increased current of electricity. This installation will need to be carried out by a level 2 electrician Hornsby. Their role in this installation will involve disconnecting and testing the old wires, replacing them with thicker wires capable of carrying the new load.

Emergency Electrician in Hornsby

We also provide 24/7 urgent response with our emergency electricians at any time of the day or night, so you will never be without power. Our trucks are just a phone call away from coming to your suburb. Our serviced Sydney areas include:

  • Central West Sydney
  • North East Sydney
  • Eastern Sydney
  • North West Sydney
  • Inner North Sydney
  • South Sydney
  • Inner West Sydney
  • Sydney CBD
  • North Sydney
  • The Hills District

Switchboard Upgrades

The cost to upgrade a switchboard will depend on a variety of variables such as the length of the mains, whether you have a single phase supply or a three phase supply and which fuses will be replaced. Some other factors that may influence the cost of your switchboard upgrade are whether or not you have asbestos backing to your switchboard or not. In this case, your servicemen will likely charge more for the extra measures of care they need to put in place to keep themselves safe during the installation.

level 2 electricians hornsby

New Network Connections

If you’re in the process of constructing a new commercial or residential building, you’re going to need a level 2 electrician to implement the new network connection. You will also need to get permission for the installation. Once you’ve been given permission, one of our level 2 electricians will be able to connect your new network.