Level 1 Electrician

In the state of NSW, we operate under a contestable works program through the NSW Electricity Supply Act 1995. Electricity customers in NSW have the right to select suitably qualified and accredite tradesmen to connect their home or business premises to the Network Operator’s distribution network (e.g. Ausgrid, Essential Energy and Endeavour Energy), co-ordinate for the increased supply of electricity from the distribution network than they are currently consuming, or to extend the actual distribution network to reach their premises.

To ensure all of the above can be done safely, NSW have established a scheme for Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) to operate and perform this work. The ASP scheme is administered by NSW Trade & Investment. This ensures that all alterations to the network will be kept safe and maintain reliablity.

All employees and sub-contractors of Accredited Service Providers must be suitably qualified, experienced and registered with the ASP scheme before seeking authorisation from the local Network Operator to work on or near to the electricity network.

What is a Level 1 Electrician?

While it may actually seem backwards, a Level 1 Electrician is even further qualified than a Level 2 Electrician.

A Level 1 Electrician is qualified to do construction work on both the overhead and underground distribution networks (how the power is distributed to different regions) which are located adjacent to a roadway.

The services that can be completed by a Level 1 ASP consist of installing and constructing electricity distribution works to enable the provision of customer electrical connection services. For example

  • erecting new electricity poles and excavating the underground cable trenches
  • laying and stringing of electricity cables as well as cable jointing
  • ‘line work’ which involves working with live electricity cables (not live high voltage though)
  • construction of new substations or working on or near the electricity distribution sub-stations
  • electrical construction work that may include the use of certain plant or equipment

Accredited Level 1 Service providers are broken down into any of the four following classes:

Class 1A – Overhead
Overhead work on or near the overhead electricity network:

Examples include tower construction, conductor stringing and tensioning, pole erection, street lighting works comprising pole erection, stringing of conductors and luminaire erection and substation construction.

Class 1B – Underground
Underground Paper Lead and Polymeric – work on or near the underground electricity network

Example include cable pit construction, cable trench excavation, duct laying, cable laying and jointing, pillar installation, street lighting works comprising underground standard erection, substation construction, cable laying and luminaire erection.

Class 1C – Underground Polymeric Only
Work on or near the underground electricity network as described for Class 1B but excluding work on paper lead or CONSAC cables.

Class 1X – Non electrically qualified
This class allows non-electrically qualified personnel to be registered with the ASP Scheme in accordance with the Scheme Rules. 

Examples include apprentices working under supervision, safety observers, rescue assistants and plant operators.

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What jobs does a Level 1 ASP do?

There are several jobs that may need you to call a Level 1 Electrician in Sydney. These jobs include:

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