Electrical defect notice

Trained electricians to fix an electrical defect notice

Electrical Defect Notice

What is an electrical defect notice?

To put it simply, an electrical defect notice means that there is a hazard with your electrical installation and that it does not meet the safety requirements of your network authority. The defect notice is issued by either Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy.

Once you have been issued an electrical defect notice – you will generally have up to 21 days after the notification to have your electrical defect rectified. In severe cases the network authority will actually cut your power on the spot! If you have not complied with Ausgrid’s or Endeavours defect notice, they will return to cut off your power from the street. So it is important to get the defect rectified as soon as possible.

How do you fix an electrical defect notice?

You will need to call a Level 2 Electrician in order to get the electrical defects fixed. Depending on what needs to replaced, repaired or remedied, your Level 2 accredited service provider will come out and correct the installation. They will notify the network authority by submitting a Notification of Service Works (NOSW) once the electrical defect works are completed.

Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy will then send out their inspectors to confirm that the installation now meets the electrical safety standards.

How much does it cost to fix an electrical defect notice?

In all honesty, the best way to work out how much it will cost to fix an electrical defect notice, is to get a quote. The cost of fixing your electrical defect notice will depend on exactly what needs to be fixed. You can find out some more information on our electrical faq page which will give you an idea of costs of each of our individual level 2 services. 

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What if I don’t get it fixed?

Any electrical defects that are not repaired within 21 days of the notification, may result in the electricity supply being disconnected until repairs are completed to safety and service standards.

It is the homeowner or business owners responsibility to engage a qualified electrical contractor that is a Level 2 accredited service provider (ASP) to complete the works. 

In certain circumstances where you can’t get the work done in the timeframe allowed, you may be able to negotiate an extension on the period for repairs.

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At Arrow Power, we cover all of Sydney! Our commercial electricians are spread across the Sydney metropolitan – so there is always an accredited service provider conveniently located near your suburb.

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Electrical defect notice

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